Monday, June 6, 2011

iPhone Photo Monday: Good things come in small packages

This weekend I brought home a surprise for Ben - a new desk lamp. That came with a box for Aslan. It never fails - if a box or bag comes home, he makes a home out of it. At least he fit in this one...sometimes he thinks that he can crawl in and curl up in the toothpaste box, but he just ends up with it stuck on his nose.

Aside from shopping, I spent the weekend working, and then enjoyed a relaxing day of bookstoring, browsing, and walking. Lots of walking.

Ben has been asking to go for a lot of walks lately. And I've been agreeing, because it normally comes with good conversation and a dose of exercise. On Sunday, he thought it might be fun to walk downtown to the first Sunday Arts and Crafts fair. We're not really artsy craftsy people (he's definitely not), but we decided it was nice to get out for awhile. Because trying to park in Annapolis on a weekend afternoon is about as fun as...oh, I don't know...rush hour traffic on the DC beltway (which I might add, I sit in on an almost daily basis, so I can assure you that it is NOT fun), we decided to walk thinking it would only be a mile or two. I think we forgot about walking back, and round trip, it was a good five mile walk. There were a couple of times where he suggested we go a different route than planned, and unsuspecting, I followed. Little did I know that there was a plan...

And even though it didn't work out the way he thought it would, before the day was over, I ended up with this on that most significant of fingers....

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