Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Left Behind

I love this lonely little leaf. He's a reminder that winter is definitely gone and not coming back for a long time. That makes me happy.

And yet there's a touch of sadness. New life has taken place and he is still here, fragile and shriveled and ready to be blown away, waiting for the right wind to take him wherever his next adventure lies.

My family reminds me constantly that I need to practice patience. It's a weekly conversation. I am always trying to move along to the next thing, the next big experience. There are things that I want so badly that feel like they are taking forever. Sometimes, it even leads me to feeling like I am the one who is left behind, waiting for all of the good things that come to the people I love so dearly to happen for me too. And they will, I know they will, but waiting is just. so. hard.

And yet, the anticipation is what makes it all exciting. I suppose I need to take a lesson from this leaf and bask in the warm sunlight of anticipation - relish and enjoy the excitement of all of the possibilities. And appreciate the lull and the quietness of holding pattern, because when the wind blows, it moves quickly and forcefully.

They say that happiness is journey, not a destination. Thank you little leaf, for helping me to remember.

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