Thursday, May 5, 2011

Annapolis at Random

I heart my hometown. Here are a few random reasons:

1. It is the state capitol. This makes it convenient and fun at the same time. There is always something to do.

2. It's touristy. We're near the Bay and not too far from the ocean. It has true East Coast charm.

3. We play old-school sports. Two historic universities are located in the downtown area. They have an annual croquet match. I heart croquet...and 20s themed activities.

4. There are hidden pineapples??? I thought that was only on psych. But seriously, there are pineapples on door knockers and this fence. I like pineapples, so I'm not complaining.

5. (I don't have a picture for this one) There are loads of weddings. I swear there are brides everywhere on Saturday afternoons. We know how much I love weddings. I was trying not to stalk them.

It's taken me awhile to find a place that makes me LOVE where I live. Hmm, I wonder if the fact that annapolis was named for me has anything to do with it?

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