Friday, April 29, 2011

We are all British Today

Did you watch it? I loved every second of it. Like I would miss the biggest wedding of our generation...What did you think of the spectacle? Will I be the only one sporting a British accent for the day? (Haha, someone stop me if you hear even a hint of brogue come out of my mouth.)

My favorite dress of the whole day was actually Pippa's. It was so elegant and classic! Kate's dress was amazing was pretty much the highlight of the whole event. Mmm, might have to take that back...the hats were the highlight of the whole thing! Part of me laughs at how ridiculous they are, but the other part of me is dying to rush out and buy one.

There were a lot of English wedding styled photo shoots floating around leading up to this big day, but my absolute favorite one was by Jessica Claire. Again...the hats. I almost can't contain myself. I think a fascinator is definitely in my future.

Try to stay awake today after all your early morning revelry!

P.S. The Queen was wearing my favorite color! Hooray for yellow!

P.P.S. If you love the image above so much you want a copy of it, it can be purchased at

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