Friday, April 15, 2011

Toy Lion

He wakes us up these days with the sound of claws on drywall. We're not sure why he needs to do wall jumps at 6:00 in the morning, but maybe he's just trying to get his exercise in. After exercise, he runs to the shower and sits in the tub howling for the water to be turned on. Sometimes he forgets that he has everything he needs to clean himself.

But at night, he can't be close enough to our sides. He greets us at the door as we each get home from work. He rubs against our legs and meows, loudly, if we don't pick him up within five seconds of his friendly greeting. Even though he tolerates, unamused, the snuggles and zerberts, parents are his favorite, and his family being together is the best time of day.

While mom & dad are eating dinner, he hijacks the office chair. Haha, he thinks, now I can change blog to all pictures of Aslans. Aslans are the best. Now the world will know how awesomes I really am. But no matter how interested he is, he thankfully has yet to figure out the mechanics of the interwebs. I guess his plot for world domination will have to wait.

Really, all he craves is just a little love, like the rest of the humans he knows. He's mastered the art of begging shamelessly for it, belly wide open to gratuitous tummy rubs. And for just a few moments, he is so sweet and adorable it is easy to forget that he really is just a small version of the king of the jungle.

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