Monday, March 14, 2011

The Weekend in iPhone Photos

I caved. It was time to upgrade phones, so what did I have to get? An iPhone of course.

And that means that I used it all weekend for taking pictures of none other than his royal highness that beloved cat o' mine.

I now present my first (hopefully) regular column...iPhone Photo Mondays, where I will show off the weekend in pictures. The pics below are mostly and Hipstamatic, but I am also in love with Pocketbooth. All of them are most favorite app. And in less than 24 hours, I have gone from non-texting, judging all people attached to their cell phones, to most obsessed iPhone user ever. I disgust myself, and my apologies to everyone around me. Oh, and sorry if you were the one I used to judge. I totally get it now.

But enough free advertising...on to the pictures!

We have lots of nicknames for our baby...Fluffer Nutter is one of our favorites. See below if you don't understand.

I did at least attempt something other than taking pictures of my cat. I picked up some wedding magazines at my friendly neighborhood Target so that I could get some inspiration for my sister's and my best friend's weddings. We'll just pretend that I get no personal thrill from them and that my motives were purely altruistic. I mean, it's not like I have time to indulge in fantasies of my own (far off) wedding (even though I do anyway). With one attention-loving cat, two weddings to plan, and pictures to take, I think I have my hands full.
If nothing else, I hope the colors brighten your day today, even if you don't think Aslan is as cute as I do. I'm counting down the days until spring (only one more week!) and these hues totally make it feel that much closer. Here's to all things new...seasons and weekly columns...and embracing long-loved favorites...Aslans and weddings!

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