Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yellow Sneakers

My facebook profile will tell you that my favorite color is all of them, but if you ask Ben, he'll give the real answer:

My favorite color is all of them but yellow is slightly more favorite.

Case in sneakers. Wanna guess how long I've had them?

Since 8th grade. And I'm still in love with them.

I guess I should explain that a little further. In 8th grade, I got a pair of these yellow shoes and refused to ever wear any other sneaker ever again. Because when I wore them, I felt like myself. They were so me.

Now, obviously, I loved them so much that I wore the original pair out. Sometime after I was already into my second pair, I remember telling my mom that I didn't want any other sneakers, just the yellow ones. My mom must have told my aunt in Texas (and probably the rest of the family, too) about it, and by some miracle, my aunt found two more pairs and sent them my way. The first three pairs lasted me through the end of high school - until I decided that they were cliche and I broke up with them in order to expand my sneaker horizons. I swear, sneakers, it was me, not you.

Then one summer during college, I was cleaning out a closet because we were moving for the one millionth time. At the bottom of a mountain of shoe boxes was a brown one that opened revealing the most beautiful pair of shoes in all the world. There, in the box, was my very last pair of yellow sneakers...shiny and still brand new.

Once again, just like in 8th grade, I fell head-over-heels in love.

The last pair is no longer brand new, but just like the very first pair, I feel like my best self when I'm wearing them - comfortable in my own shoes.


  1. Oh my, I remember those shoes! I always think of you when I see some fabulous yellow accessory or sundress. I feel much the same way about orange. There's just so much life in colors like that.

    Your pictures are lovely, Anna! You've blossomed into quite the artist...I'm so proud :)

  2. thank you! looks like you have a lot of adventures on the horizon...and the way you share them is beautiful and inspiring (total honesty here: they made cry just a little). if you're ever near dc or if i'm ever in frederick, we should get together to catch up. or start a business in world domination, since we have that in common!