Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Second Shooter // 11

Today is more like diary of a second shooter than just a simple post with pictures. But I've always felt that blogging should be diary-like in a way, because it's just as much for sharing personal things as it is to show some pretty pictures.

So here's an admission: when I started out this year, I fully intended to only shoot 10-15 weddings. Tops. My reasons were 1 // that I edit weddings for another photographer and that takes up a huge chunk of time, 2 // I worked every. single. weekend. when I was in retail and I wanted to have some of those back (I'm laughing at myself now), 3 // fear of burnout and taking on too much, and 4 // I was thinking about branching out to do some photography that wasn't necessarily wedding related - things for creative businesses who need product photos for websites and such things (which I would still love to do on weekdays and especially during the slow season).

And then Dani and I became friends / soul sisters and everything changed. It actually became even more fun (I know, how is that even possible?) to go to "work" every Friday and Saturday - and dance to 500 renditions of Call Me Maybe. Sounds like a party, right?

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about intentions and actions and things lining up. And even though my intention of shooting a smaller number of weddings doesn't line up with my action of doing two weddings per week, it does line up with my intention of growing as a photographer. By second shooting, I've learned loads about lighting, working in less-than-desirable spaces, timelines, stamina, and the amazing things that come from true collaboration. In fact, I've enjoyed it so much that I'll probably do the same thing next year, but stick to 10-15 weddings of my own.

And one final note: I'm especially grateful to Dani for letting me share images from these weddings. That's not always a given among photographers, and even though it's a relatively small thing, it is a gift that means the world to me.

Also, this is one of my fav weddings so far. Gorgeous couple, gorgeous venue, fun group of people. Love.

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