Friday, June 28, 2013

Second Shooter // 09

When Dani texted me to say that we would be at the AVAM (American Visionary Arts Museum, for you non-Baltimore people) for this wedding, I almost peed my pants. I have been dying to do a wedding there...I love museum weddings, and this museum is super funky and fun. There's a hint of its awesomeness in the mirrored and colored glass wall in one of the bride and groom portraits below. If you live nearby and get a chance to go, just do it. Definitely a super cool place. And when you go, take a picture with the glass tree out in front for me (you'll know it when you see it - it's very sparkly).

Anyway, I'm still working on that curating thing I'm supposed to be doing, so I really tried to pick the favorites of the favorite favorites to share. This good looking group provided lots to choose from! And the groomsmen were extra favorite groomsman shot ever is down below :0).

This might be my favorite groomsmen shot EVER. And every time I look at it, Secret Agent Man gets stuck in my head.

Happy Friday!

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