Friday, April 12, 2013 // 03

On Friday I pulled the last roll of toilet paper from under the sink in our bathroom.

Yes, this is going to get personal. But not gross. We're six months in and we still haven't figured this whole marriage thing out - never mind adulthood.

One of the things they don't tell you about getting married (or living with a boy when you're a girl) is that it makes you the sole female in the house. Growing up in a house with my mom and my sister, it didn't ever occur to me that there might be some differences when the male/female ratio was reversed. Especially when it comes to sharing a bathroom.

Sometime around the third month we lived together, it occurred to me that I was changing the toilet paper roll an awful lot. No big deal - it was just one of those things that I had taken for granted living with girls - there was a one in three chance that I would be the one to have to do it. Now, there's practically a 100% chance that I will be the one to pull that last single square (that I left on there so that I wouldn't have to be the one to reach for the new roll) from the cardboard tube.

So when I pulled the final roll from under the sink storage, I made a note to myself to pick up a new pack when we made our trip to Trader Joe's over the weekend. Since I seemed to be the only one using it, I figured it would be fine for at least three or more days, until we ran out of food and I could avoid an extra trip. Except that we didn't run out of food, and we did run out of tissues. Because I had used all of those up while fighting off a cold. And the cold wasn't willing to go anywhere, and the toilet paper was quickly relocating itself into the trash can.

By Monday morning, we were in a desperate situation. So desperate, that when Ben woke me up to kiss me goodbye before leaving for work, I told him he wasn't allowed to use any toilet paper here - if he needed some, he would have to wait until he was at the office. I made sure to pick up an extra large pack at Target that day, and everything was right again in the world. And then Ben popped another twelve-pack in our cart yesterday (the day we finally got around to grocery shopping), so we are set on toilet paper for another six months and the apocalypse.

And also I found this in a file this week. I pulled it from a Real Simple magazine long before we were married. It was hanging on our fridge at one point, and I still love it. Awesome advice.

This is gonna be a crazy weekend - lots to share next week! Make it a great one :0)

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