Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Styled // 01

Every year, the Johnnies of St. John's College and the Midshipmen of the Naval Academy play for the Annapolis Cup. And while that might sound like a sailing competition, it is actually the prize given to the winner of the annual croquet match between the two dashing teams.

Two years ago, Ben and I walked into the festivities by accident, and I've been in love with the springtime ritual ever since. Everyone comes decked out in their vintage best, dressed for a bygone era, to play a game more commonly associated with the likes of Downtown Abbey, but one that certainly suits the quaint grounds of our charming city. I can't get enough.

And since the match is happening on Saturday, I thought it would be fun to put together a styled shoot inspired by the elegance of the event. So much thanks goes to Jazmine Turner for picking a gorgeous wardrobe for the images below. The colorful outfits she chose and and the fabulous hats (which were actually found in an attic!)...who doesn't love to play dress up in cute spring clothes and play croquet?!

All looks were from Jazmine's own collection - doesn't it make you want to shop her closet?!

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