Thursday, February 28, 2013

Illinois: Planes + Parties

There were too many pictures of the farm to post yesterday, so I split my photos of our recent trip into two parts...and this one is all about the celebration.

After touching down in Chicago, we headed over to my aunt's house and picked up some pizza at my mom's favorite local pizzeria for a dinner finished off with my grandpa's favorite dessert, cherry pie. My grandma had the recipe for the Drake Hotel's cherry pie that has been passed down to my mom and is something of a family heirloom at this point.

Every meal concludes with coffee. Somehow I was born without this gene. Thankfully, my mom remembered to pack some tea so I didn't feel too left out.

No matter where we go, I have a soft spot for puppies.

The next day was the actual day of my grandpa's birthday, and because it was also a Saturday, his party was that afternoon. My grandpa's brother was able to be there to celebrate with well as his friend Art, who has been almost a lifelong friend. Grandpa has a group of friends who have known him and the family for most of the time they've lived in Beecher, which is a small enough town that you almost know everyone, but to have true friends forever...that's something most of us only wish to have, and absolutely worth celebrating.

Guess who was sent to the store and picked out special sparkly birthday candles?


Happy Birthday Grandpa!

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