Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY: Paint Chip Jewelry

I haven't seen the sun since Wednesday, and the next two days aren't looking good either. So I brought some bright color into my wardrobe by making a pair of fun earrings from paint samples I picked up at the local hardware store. If this doesn't kick my winter blues, I'm giving up and moving to a tropical island.


  • At least two colors of paint swatches, depending on how many colors you want in your jewelry
  • Scissors
  • Needle-nose pliers x2
  • Wire earring hooks
  • Round jewelry connectors (I used the small // 25mm // size)
  • A ruler + pencil for drawing straight lined shapes
  • A needle or other sharp object


  1. Pick your color palette and decide what shape you want in your jewelry. I'm in love with the triangle trend that is everywhere right now, so I went with that. For my first pair, I kept it simple and just drew a small triangle and a long, large triangle on the back of the paint samples with my pencil and ruler.
  2. Cut out your shapes. Use a needle or other sharp object to poke holes where the pieces will be connected.
  3. Separate the 25mm rings with the two pairs of pliers (hold the ring on each side with a pair of pliers and twist one side left and one side right - it will make it easier to put the ring back into a circle later).
  4. Insert the opened rings into the holes in the paint swatch pieces. In order to make the shapes all face the same direction, use either one loop to connect each piece or any other odd number of rings.
  5. Attach a ring to the top paint swatch shape and use it to fasten the pieces to an earring wire.
  6. Make a statement. Wear your new accessories in style!

Go out this weekend and do something fun :0). Or get a head start on making your Valentines...and be sure to share the love!

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