Friday, October 7, 2011

Amy + Grant: A Navy Wedding

Normally, this begins with a story about the couple.

But today is different. This post begins with a story about my sister. Whose name also happens to be Amy.

Amy-my-sister is also a bride. And, she believes, indecisive. Except about her wedding photography. For that, she knows exactly what she wants. And because her sister is also going to be her wedding photographer (ahem, me), it's easy for Amy-my-sister to speak her mind.

She told me she didn't want overly posed photographs. She wanted the in-between moments captured too. Naturally, I took this with total acceptance and made no mention of who the professional photographer was; since she is my client-and-sister, it was easy to speak my mind.

But regardless of my initial reaction, I know she is right. That is why she is hiring a photographer. Those unplanned moments are the moments that she, or any bride, will remember. Those are the moments where she and her future husband will be totally themselves. And, as my sister's wedding day photographer, it's my responsibility to capture them.

Because the conversation with my sister happened just shortly before I went to capture Amy + Grant's wedding, I made the extra effort to get those in-between moments. For them. So that they will have pictures that absolutely show the joy and laughter of the day they got married.

Which brings me to this wedding. I am so excited to share it here. The lovely Krista Jones, from Bayside Bride, who also has her own photography business, gave me the opportunity to second shoot for her. You may remember that I met her at this wedding, and she was just as lovely to work with as I expected.

By the way, Amy + Grant were a perfect couple. They were calm, happy, and clearly in love with each other. Grant graduated from the Naval Academy, so naturally, their wedding was filled with adorable Navy-inspired details. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they said their "I do"'s at a quaint little church in Millersville, Md that was so full of small-town charm. At their reception at the Port Annapolis Marina, it would have been easy to get swept away into the sea of guests, but I don't think Amy + Grant ever left each others' side. They even choreographed their first dance together, complete with a lift - how cute is that?!

But you'll see all of those things in the pictures below...

So here's where I admit that this is my favorite image from this entire wedding. I love Amy's expression as she's looking over her shoulder. I find it kind of symbolic...and really cool.

The church had some gorgeous stained glass windows...

This is definitely the face of a happy bride!
Yes, I was drooling over these. Yellow's not my favorite color or anything. I knew I was going to like Amy as soon as these were delivered!

The wedding party had this great idea to get a picture playing off all of the boys' swords. If you think the girls look scared...

...this is why!

Grant's mom had one request: a picture of her with her son. As a mom of two sons who serve in the military, these are precious memories. I hope this makes her proud.

Not sure if it was meant to be a different take on crab cakes, but it looks tastier to me!

Krista took this uh-mazing picture of Amy and Grant during their engagement session. I could not stop staring at it. So perfect.

Grant did a great job of sweeping Amy off her feet during their first dance. The crowd was pretty impressed, too!

These cuties were having a good time waiting for dinner to be served. It doesn't get more adorable than this.

Amy and Grant - Your wedding was so beautiful. Best wishes for many years of happiness as you start your life together in Hawaii!

Happy Friday!


  1. These are fantastic Anna! Thank you so much for all your help!!

  2. muchos gracias! i loved yours too!