Thursday, May 12, 2011

Graduation: Part Two

The thing that gets me about life's big events - graduations, engagements, weddings, births - is that they are just as much an ending as they are a beginning. And we try to capture them because they remind us of who we were and from where we have come.

My sister left college last weekend with a degree. But she also left with knowledge that will support her, friendships that will sustain her, and a future full of uncertainty, excitement, and endless possibilities.

Of all of the people she met during the past four years, Jason is the most special. He has been her friend, boyfriend, and now, fiancee. Graduating from college is just one of the many new beginnings they will experience together.

But enough sentimentalness. Amy was pretty excited that Lance Armstrong was speaking at her graduation. So excited, in fact, that when she heard that he would be stopping by the campus rec center to sign a spinning bike for the school, she stayed almost an hour after her workout to see if she could meet him. He didn't show; it turns out it's not easy that easy to get Lance Armstrong's signature. However, the next day, after the ceremony was over, we proceeded to the rec center to get Amy's real diploma (they give you a fake one when you walk across the stage), and they had the signed bike sitting in the gym. There were actually two, so we got a picture of Amy and the bikes.

Who knows, maybe there's a cycling championship in her future???

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