Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Inspire Files: Glasses + New Blog Loves

I'm always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration. And I know that what inspires me may not light the fire for everyone else. But these things are so cool I just can't help but sharing. They have been bringing me endless smiles and smiles bring me fun new ideas...if nothing else, I hope they bring you smiles too :o).

I Am A Girl - The Girls With Glasses Theme Song from The Girls With Glasses on Vimeo.

1. The Girls With Glasses. I watched this three times in a row. No lie. And that's actually a weird quirk of mine - random side note: the first time I saw The Princess Bride, I watched it three times in one weekend. When I really like something, I mean that I really like it. Probably a flaw, but I call it passion. Which is why I watched this so many times. They got me first with the yellow balloons, then Lucille Ball and all of the globes, then Marilyn's white dress and Audrey Hepburn. Oh, and the super spunky beat, silly la's and sweet melody...and did I mention that's Brooke White??? I adored her on American Idol. It doesn't help that I'm a girl with glasses, too, who once felt dorky wearing them, but they make it look stylish and cool.

I heart you guys. You are on my list of we-don't-know-each-other-but-should-totally-be-best-friends-because-we're-like-twins (triplets in this case?). You make keeping it real so, so cool. {And btw, I really like the word cool today...I'm pretty sure I just used it about five times already.}

From londonvsparis
 2. LondonvsParis. I wish that I could come up with things as cool as this. Two photographer friends {oh, yeah, it would require me to have real photographer friends, not just ones who I think I'm friends with but they have no idea I exist}, one who lives in London, and the other who lives in (can you guess) Paris, decided to take pictures of similar things, everyday objects, in both of their cities and put them side by side. I don't know which city I want to visit more. They look so different, but each has it's own unique charm and beauty. I'm definitely living vicariously through this one. But it does inspire me to look at things that seem mundane to me in different ways...and it definitely fits with my love of being a tourist in my own city.

3. Promise Tangeman is another one of my new internet best friends. She does the most fabulous design work I have ever seen. I've heard her name around some of my other favorite blogs (here, here, and here)...and with a name like Promise, how could it possibly not stick with me? I finally looked at her blog, and zomigosh, it is a treasure trove. She shares so much of her creative process and she puts so much of herself into her work (I don't know her, but I can totally tell)...her style and her quirkiness and her vivid zest for life...I would be thrilled if my work showed all of these things as much as hers does. If I ever make enough at this photography thing, she will be the first person I go to for a website design. And in the meantime, I am drooling over her designs at Sitehouse that are made by her and are offered at very reasonable prices. But most of all, I heart her for being herself and redefining the what it means to be cool. Oops, there it is again.

4. Shuttersisters. I bought their book on Amazon. It's taken me days to work through it because the pictures are so full of feeling that I can hardly look away. And then I made the mistake of looking at their blog. It is just as wonderful. These women photographers are amazing at tapping into their emotions to create pictures that are filled with meaning...which is something I am always striving for in my photography. They are changing who I thought I could become and I am loving the exploration they inspire within me. Even if you are not aspiring to be a photographer (as I imagine most of you reading this fall into that category), it is beautiful and so worth looking at...just to take a moment and appreciate the small things that happen everyday - that is what you will find there.

So there you have it...in too many words, and too many cools. I get so excited about this, I can't help but share it...hopefully at least one thing brings a smile to you today too! And if you want to share what's been inspiring you lately in the comments, I would love to know!

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