Monday, March 7, 2011

From Ben

Confession: Ben and I are both internet addicts (Correction from Ben: he's a web developer - I guess he thinks that excuses his excessive use of internet. I told him I was a blogger. He asked if by blogger I meant that I was obsessed with blogs). Which is the sole basis for most of our recent disagreements. We've recently been sharing a computer. It's like two alcoholics fighting over one bottle of tequila (not that we are alcoholics, but we do enjoy tequila).

However, the internet addict in him always seems to find these hilarious/random pictures that completely capture our life.

Case in point. We have this conversation once a day at our house, with our terrible two year old {Aslan}.

When I see these pictures appear on my Facebook wall, I know that I am loved. By someone who shares my addiction to strange randomness on the internet...and encourages treating our cat like the human child he thinks he is.

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