Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Soon I will have new pictures to post! We are going skiing and I want to take some pictures on film so that I can finally get this roll developed. Well, this roll and the other one. The other one still has pictures from our cruise back in October on it...but I have this weird thing about developing two rolls at a time. Never just one. Maybe because two is my lucky number. Or maybe I just don't like making two trips to the camera store.

And I've been reading Freeman Patterson's Photography and the Art of Seeing, which is so full of inspiration. He's definitely an explorer. Looking at mundane things and finding ways to reframe them into something spectacular is what he's trying to teach in this book, and he suggests that most of the time all you need to do is let go of the rules and the way you're supposed to look at it, and get to know it from every angle. Not just look at it, but really see it. As in, the shapes, the colors, the textures that are part of it. If you have even a moment in the next day or so, try to see these things and not the object in front of you. Just for fun.

What I want to do on my next day off is take some time to just play. And maybe there will be something from that to share. Even though I like taking pictures of people the most, I'm happy just taking pictures.

And just because I always do this, every year without fail...today marks the last month of me being 23. So here's to making it exciting.

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