Sunday, January 30, 2011

Balloons are Tasty

Making mistakes can be embarrassing, but picking yourself up and trying again may be the hardest but most rewarding thing to do. My sister reminded me of this the other night as I was talking to her on the phone.

Recently, she took on a part time job as a balloon artist - one of those people who can make all kinds of crazy animals and objects out of the long, colorful balloons.  She started training using a DVD just before Christmas and did her first gig for my mom's office Christmas party.  I even got a pretty sweet Rudolph balloon on top of my pile of presents on Christmas morning.

Now that she's returned to college, she's bringing smiles to strangers' faces by twisting at local restaurants and parties. As she was about to leave a restaurant after twisting for four hours on Friday night, the manager approached her and asked if she was the same person who was there a few weeks ago. When she said yes, he said that he was impressed; she had done a better job this time. As she stared back at him, unsure of how to respond, he explained that the previous customer surveys were less than flattering - she popped as many balloons as she made and one man said that a balloon she was making popped and landed in his food!

What I love about my sister is that instead of being upset about the way the first event went, she continues to do them and gets better at making balloon animals. Balloon twisting might sound like a crazy job to some, but it fits her perfectly. She has always loved doing crazy things to make people smile and laugh - and I'm sure that if nothing else, that trait will make her a wonderful entertainer and balloon artist.

Most people are not lucky enough to be awesome at something the first time they give it a shot. But I am one of those who expects myself to be perfect...the first time and every time. However, while I am normally giving my little sister the pearls of wisdom I have learned out of life's lessons, this time she gave one to me. Now, I won't stop giving every opportunity the best - instead, I'll have fun at every photo shoot, but take every one as a chance to learn and improve instead of trying to make it perfect.

This is my sister. I love her for always being true to herself - and making everyone laugh.

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