Thursday, June 20, 2013

Second Shooter // 08

My mom called me today to find out if I was alive. Her reason for concern: I haven't blogged yet this week.

Oh June. I looked at you with grateful anticipation in March, fear in April, and maybe a little bit of dread in May - not that I would have admitted that to anyone. Maybe it was how much stress I felt during the holiday season when I worked in retail, or the fact that last year's wedding season was combined with planning my own wedding, and my past experiences had been so stress filled, I couldn't imagine being busy without also feeling stress. But what I've learned about myself this time around is that the adage is true: when you're doing what you love, you never work a day in your life (although, that still doesn't guarantee adequate amounts of sleep...and sleeping vs. blogging is a tough choice, but in the case of this particular week, sleep won).

What a beautiful season it has been so far. Of the weddings I have been to photograph this year, this one might take the cake for the amazing details and the gorgeous location. I have to say...I am loving some of the places I have been to photograph over the past few weeks. From a manor with gorgeous gardens the week before to this farm with the most incredible natural light and fabulous willow trees, I feel like I have found the types of places I want to see so much more of in the future. And, working with Dani has been such a joy that I'm just as excited to spend the Fridays and Saturdays I have left in the summer with her, as I am to share them with my own couples. In some ways, I feel like I'm better prepared to photograph the weddings of my clients because of working with her, but I also feel like I am a better second photographer when I do a shoot with her after one of my own. I guess that's what you call a win-win.

Again, there are too many photos in this post (I'm supposed to be doing a better job of curating these things, but you know what...I chose 90 favorites from this wedding and you're getting about 20, so that's the best I can do) but there were so many beautiful details to include! What's a girl to do?

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