Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New York City

At the age of seven, my life goal was to be Leslie Ann Warren...aka Roger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella.

I'm pretty sure I squealed/hyperventilated when I found out that my favorite fairytale musical was going to be on Broadway this winter. So we took a little trip (we being my wonderful husband who probably wanted to dig out his eyes after I roped him into seeing a play based on a girly story, and my mom who introduced me to the musical in the first place) to NYC, and spent the day touring Radio City Music Hall and Central Park before catching the show.

As part of the tour, we got to stand on the stage at Radio City and look out into the (empty) auditorium.

Among other things, our tour included a trip into the bathrooms. How cute are these little primping stations in the ladies' room?

 Along the back wall of the auditorium is a gold crest...apparently the whole place was inspired by a sunset at sea. The Art Deco decor is simply to die for.

Back outside, it was a very cold, grey day. Seeing this pop of color in a flower bed was so welcome.

Mr. Poppins...I have no idea if that's actually his name, and I'm sure it isn't, but that's what I named him because he fed the birds.

This fancy man saw my camera and gave me his "come hither" stare. I couldn't refuse.

I'm pretty sure it's illegal to go to New York and not partake in some window shopping. Having some experience in merchandising...I'm a little obsessed. I love how dreamy these were...and I'm putting an installation of painted cones in our house whether Ben likes it or not.

Someday, I will recreate Breakfast at Tiffany's with a photo shoot. God, I love that movie.

I tried to remind Ben that my birthday is coming up...but I didn't see him stop to make a purchase on his first visit into my favorite store. So maybe I will just have to buy myself a birthday present.

Probably my most loved street in all of the US...there was a time when I would have given anything to perform here...but now that has passed, I'm thrilled just to visit.

Cinderella was amazing...I hope they win Tonys for the costumes, because that was the part that blew my mind away. The story is different (in a good way), and while it is cheesy, it's so heartwarming, I couldn't help but fall in love with the whole thing all over again. I would go back for seconds, and if anyone wants a date, I'm your girl.

And this is slightly unrelated, but we stayed with a good friend while we were up in the area, and they just got a puppy. Let's talk about falling in love...

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