Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Photo Safari

Sometime around the same point in my childhood that I announced to my family that I would not be wearing dresses every day (which was precisely the same time that my best friend decided that she was no longer going to wear dresses anymore), I also fell out of love with pink. I should probably add that my best friend at the time (and forever) was a trendsetter, and I idolized her coolness for rebelling against all things girly. My feelings towards pink stayed lukewarm until last summer, when a certain nail polish revived my love for vibrant versions of the hue. And now it keeps showing up in my photographs. I blame it on neon coming back into style (which I want to not be obsessed with and yet can't help myself).

To save my dignity, let's just call it coral, and then I'll be okay with it.

As I'm working on redoing my website, which most people don't realize is actually an exercise in finding yourself, I'm using my surroundings as inspiration by taking pictures of things I like - colors, fonts, shapes, ideas. In case it's not obvious, neon coral and gold are invading my life right now, so maybe I should stop fighting and heed the message. I suppose it's time to embrace girliness and femininity, because truthfully, those are two things that should never go out of style.

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