Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bobby's Groomsmen

I'm a bad blogger.

Back in September (when I wasn't blogging) I was shooting. Pictures. Of a friend's wedding. Oh yeah, and planning my own. That might have something to do with the not blogging thing.

Bobby is a really really really good friend from high school. Krista is the love of his life. Bobby can talk to anyone about almost anything. He's getting his graduate degree at John's Hopkins. We took calculus together. And algebra before that, where we would get in trouble for talking/singing in class. He also loves photography and people have seen his pictures hanging in his apartment and asked if they are Ansel Adams. Yep, he's good at everything. And Krista is super sweet and the perfect match for Bobby.

Ben and I drove up for the wedding and Bobby was so kind to invite us to spend some time with him and his groomsmen the morning before all of the festivities began. You know how on the day of a wedding you sometimes never get to see your friend, but it's all okay because you're just so happy for them? This wasn't one of those times. It meant SO MUCH to Ben and me to be able to have a few hours with our friend that were relaxed, with a mix of nerves and anticipation like a spice in the air, before everything got crazy.

When we arrived to the house where the boys had spent the weekend leading up to the big day, they were just finishing getting ready. The house was right on the beach, and the upper decks looked out upon the sand and the ocean. I had my cameras with me and Bobby got the boys together to get a few photos of just them - his closest bros, the ones who had been there since elementary school and the ones who were there when he met his future bride in college. The way they joked and played water bottle football across the kitchen table, you never would have known that they hadn't all been together for their whole lives.

But that's the kind of friend that Bobby is. He treats you like family, greeting you with a hug and never fails to show interest in the current events in your life. He's warm and welcoming, and to see him surrounded by his family and friends with a huge smile attached to his face the whole day - nobody could be more deserving. It was such an honor to capture him with his boys.

A few refreshments hanging around the house...Mike's Hard Lemonade and Margarita Cupcakes. Oh so tasty!

So very glamorous of him.

Happy Wednesday!

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