Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scenes from a wedding - Part 2

That's my favorite picture of the year up there. And my (close) second favorite is below.

If you missed Part 1, these are all images that I took this summer/fall as a second photographer for Love Life Images. The first part has my favorite portrait and detail photos; this one is all about the candid photos.

As much as I love a good portrait, being a second shooter doesn't yield as many opportunities for photographing portraits as being the primary photographer. In many ways, these unposed moments that I've captured as a second are more my favorite than the crafted and thought-out posed photos that I shared in Part 1 (although when I'm on my own, I LOVE coming up with poses to develop an emotional connection between the people in the photo that translates to the people viewing the photo - I like to think about possible poses before I fall asleep at night because it's kind of my happy place...there's your nerd tidbit for today). And, searching for the unscripted moments at a wedding as the second photographer is definitely a skill that is useful as a primary photographer. Second shooting is probably one of the best things I did this year to improve as an artist because I got to learn from great mentors, explore in new and unfamiliar situations, and practice along the way.

So without further ado, here are the rest of the favorites!

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