Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

A few quick shots from our Fourth of July festivities:

Every few months, I go on a healthy eating kick. Not that we don't normally eat relatively healthily, but sometimes I just go all health nut and buy excessive fruits and vegetables on our weekly trips to Trader Joe's (I could do a whole post on that store, it is seriously my fave. For instance, when Ben moved to Annapolis, he asked when we were going to go to the "real" grocery store. He got a look. And now he won't shop anywhere else either. Win.). And last time, I decided it would be a good idea to buy a watermelon. A big one. Not the measly "individual" watermelon that I've never seen before but seems to be all the rage this year, that is on its own more than enough for one person. It's summer people. And it's not summer without a healthy dose of watermelon.

But one gigantic watermelon + two people to eat it = what was I possibly thinking????

Also, we don't own a large knife. But we made do with the sharpest object in our kitchen that still hasn't been packed and I think it turned out okay. It went with us to our Fourth of July party (on three plates, I might add), and I was extraordinarily glad I had such foresight.

One of our friends from high school invited our posse (yes, we really call ourselves that, we are so cool) to his home for the afternoon. He has an awesome alleyway with a door that locks from the inside, so you're out of luck either way without a key.

And finally, I have no idea why I like this picture. I just do.

Hope everyone had a happy and relaxing Fourth of July!

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