Monday, June 13, 2011


Oh-kay kids...I heart me some photobooths. For reals.

My sister taught me the ways of the glorious picture machine. She is the master of crazy faces and ridiculous expressions. I was a slow learner. But she was a fabulous teacher.

It's not easy letting yourself go. Where I take pictures of myself as my defense mechanism against the camera, my sister makes silly faces. Most of our family portraits are of everyone else smiling and giving photogenism ( word alert!) their best attempt...and my sister crossing her eyes, cheeks puffed out blow-fish style. Or finger up her nose. Yeah, that's another of our family classics.

Everything I know about looking silly comes from her. I've always been the sweet one and she's always been the silly one. Sugar and Spice.

For me, acting funny in front of the camera takes lots of effort...and courage. I'm not comfortable with my humorous side. I don't trust it to not act awkward. Or look awkward if it's being preserved by a camera.

What I learned is that it's only awkward if you do it half-way. If you don't embrace it. When I'm unsure, it never turns out good. But if I fully commit to making it as ridiculous as possible, a funny picture...or person...appears.

It's okay to be uncomfortable in front of the camera...or in your own skin. Almost everyone is. Everyone who's not at some point in their life is a freak of nature. Although a lucky one at that.

It all changed for me when I found my coach. I trusted her. And she did not lead me wrong. She taught me how to let go and laugh at myself. Not just in a photobooth, but once I stepped out from behind the curtain to get the pictures.

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