Monday, June 20, 2011

More Photobooth Love

We know every word to every song on the Wicked soundtrack.

Countless miles of road have been serenaded with our duets on our rides home from school or to our family vacation together. We belt, blast, croon, and bond over every word in every song from our favorite musical. My sister takes the harmonies and I get the melodies. Always.

We promised each other that someday we would see it live, together. It was only fitting that since the tour was stopping in DC for a few weeks, I got her tickets to see it for her birthday, even if her birthday was four months ago. Not knowing where life would take her after graduation at the time the tickets were purchased, she swore that no matter what, she would come home to make sure we could share this experience.

It was everything and more that we thought it would be. Goosebumps and cold chills filled our arms as we each mouthed along to the songs on the stage. We were awed by the sets, the costumes, and the performance of it all.

She may not have realized it, but every time we do something momentous together, I make sure we snap a photobooth picture. Just to capture these special moments in our lives. This time, we got two...that were keepers.

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