Thursday, March 31, 2011

25 Things

There was this game on Facebook a year or so ago that everyone was playing. It was called write-a-note-that-shares-25-random-things-about-you-and-then-share-it-with-all-your-friends-because-everyone's-doing-it.

Well, I decided that it might be fun to do it again. Because we take self portraits of ourselves to see how we physically change, why shouldn't we find a way to chronicle how our interests have changed too? I figure, it's still birthday month, so here's a snapshot of 24-year-old me in 25 things.

1. i heart big sunglasses. i will wear them even if they go out of style. however, audrey and jackie will never go out of style, so neither will big sunglasses.
2. if i could be a celebrity, i would want to be taylor swift. her music, her videos, her concerts, her red carpet style...she seems to live my fantasy life.

3. i used to want to be a wedding planner. i love everything about weddings - the beautiful dresses, the flowers, the colors, the excitement that surrounds them...and the love that they celebrate.

4. i drive a really old car - a 1997 volkswagen jetta, to be exact. i'm not sure how much longer she'll last, but she is just right for now.

5. i do zumba. if you haven't heard of it, just go do it. you'll understand.

6. i have also taken up barefoot running. i have those creepy shoes that look like foot gloves. they are the best shoe ever created because they don't feel like you're wearing a shoe at all.

7. rachel berry is my alter-ego (i wish). i see a lot of myself in her - the crazy ambition, need to be perfect, desperate desire to fit in. i heart glee.

8. i want to live somewhere else in the world for a brief period of my adult life. there are too many places to choose from though - i want to live in them all.

9. i have a day job and i commute at least an hour each way to get to it, sometimes longer when traffic is really bad. one time this past winter, it took me eight hours to get home in a snowstorm.

10. the one thing i have always wanted to be is funny.

11. i love to read. everything. books, magazines, the newspaper, blogs. i crave information and inspiration.

12. craft time was always my favorite, next to dress up time, when i was little. i think it's why i love diy projects so much now - and pretty clothes.

13. mid-century style really intrigues me. i love 500 Days of Summer because of it's modern use of such awesomeness.

14. i also love decorating my house. buying only things i'm in love with is causing it to take some time, but i like that it feels like a work in progress.

15. i suck at doing laundry. i would rather buy new clothes than wash (and fold!) the ones i have, except that would be wasteful. {sigh}

16. snuggling with my boys (ben + aslan) is my favorite thing in the whole world.

17. thank you notes. so old school cool, and one of the nicest things a person can do when someone else has done something kind for you. the world can use extra gratitude. {we're not going to talk about how long it takes me to get them done though.}

18. my handwriting is one of my favorite things about myself. does that sound conceited?

19. i would love to like cooking more. baking is more fun i think.

20. handmade things are cool. etsy is one of my favorite places to shop. i love things with history or a story - it makes them more special.

21. i sleep with my phone. because it is also my alarm.

22. is my lucky number.

23. i feel love a lot. it's probably my favorite emotion. i feel it about things, ideas, and people (+ animals).

24. i wonder where the line is sometimes between inspiration and imitation. i like so many people and the things about them, but still want to be myself and not a lame copy of someone else. i guess you could say i'm still figuring myself out a little. it scares me to admit that.

25. i want to be famous someday. it's my destiny, and why i wear big sunglasses ;o).

There it is. Feel free to share something about yourself in the comments...I would love learn something new about you :o).


  1. 15. SO very anna-true. That's also why you have six million pairs of underwear.

    23. something we have in common that for some reason so many people don't understand. It's kind of a driving force in life and it's frustrated me recently when people don't understand that that's why I make the decisions I do.

    Something random about me: I love my big sister very very much.

  2. I am with you on #15 - I also have many months worth of underwear. I could go almost a year without repeating clothes (except under garments that is).