Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Boyfriend got me these beautiful flowers yesterday for Valentine's Day. Can we just mention for a moment how much I love them, and how sweet that was of him? 

However, Aslan thinks that they his Valentine's day present. In the days leading up to the day of love, I tried to subtlety hint that flowers would be wonderful, but that Aslan would need his own bouquet. Of catnip.

It didn't even take him 3 hours to knock over the vase and then play in the puddle of water that spilled out of the vase. Yes, my cat likes puddle jumping. We keep the toilet lid down in our house for exactly that reason.

After the tragic incident of the cat and the roses in the nighttime, we moved them to a safer location at the back of the counter, where it is at least harder to tip them over. He could still eat them if his little heart was desperately set on it, but hopefully he knows just a little bit better.

So today, I got out my camera and moved the flowers into my favorite picture taking window. Didn't take long for my little bundle of fur to join me - I thought it might be because he wanted his picture taken, but when I saw the way he was looking at the roses...

Well, you be the judge. 

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