Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Inspiration: Isaac Mizrahi

Here's a little inspiration from the ever-fabulous Isaac Mizrahi.  I stumbled upon his video blog thanks to Sam at Style/Swoon, and found it so wonderful that it needed to be shared here. The episodes "Making the effort" and "Crossroads" were very authentic, and I love that even an amazingly famous and fabulous designer is humble enough to be unique and real and essentially human. Maybe I'm strange, but it makes me feel connected to him, like we could be friends because we have things in common. Like not wanting to make the effort and then realizing that the effort was the hardest part. And loving theater. And giving ourselves credit for doing something for five whole days. I mean, we're almost the same person, right?

Isaac, please be my friend, and introduce me to Tim Gunn because I think we could be besties too.

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